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August 10, 2009

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March 23, 2009

OTDS Distribution Transformers and Pole Line Hardware

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OTDS - a site enhanced by Baron Turner’s website design company, are at the forefront of their industry in providing tranformers to the energy industry for the transmission of power from a power station to the end consumer via a sub-station. They have a business listing at Hotfrog here: The company is based in Croydon, Surrey and has been established since 1978.

March 20, 2009

Company Insolvency or Business Capital?

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When a company is struggling, which at this point in late 2011 is a common scenario, which route is best? Insolvency or business capital? The trouble is that no one wakes up one day deciding that they are insolvent. But as the problems go on and on, getting worse, the company may need an injection of finance for business before insolvency becomes the only solution. That’s where the turnaround finance industry comes in. But the company needs to act before the problem gets so bad that there’s really little else than winding up order to resolve.

Turnaround Finance experts such as Beer and Young assess the situation with the help of a panel of experts, including those that are ready to provide capital - generally for a share of the company, like Dragons Den. This is potentially a superb situation. An industry and business expert will join the company and they’ll bring business finance with them. You won’t owe them any money, you’ll just have another director. But be warned - the company has got into trouble for a reason. They’ll sniff out the reason and will take decisive action as part of the solution. The alternative is the company winding up - so it’s a win win. And someone else is making your fellow director make changes or walk the plank - they become the bad guy. Or he can just stop spending all his time on the golf course!

June 30, 2008

This American Life

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Is it just me? Somehow Ira Glass’s This American Life ( and podcasted) just makes me feel good. Born and living in the UK (having lived in CA for 4 years andmarried to an American) the show is just wonderful, restores my faith in human nature. I just wish there was someone in my area I could chat to about Ira’s superb program. Anyone? Anyone out there? OK - let’s narrow it down a little - I live in Wembdon, Somerset, UK and feel a world away from anyone who shares any enthusiasm for this great show. Even my lovely American wife doesn’t like it. Ira fans, help, comment…..

June 9, 2008

Chess Software

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Chess software was always at the forefront of chess computing prowess. With Fritz 11 along with other favourites such as Shredder, the software continues to progress along with our computers. Fritz has ironed out some of the quirks of earlier versions and is superb for chess improvement and ease of use. For such incredible power and functionality, chess software such as this is very good value. Retailing at around £40 (GBP) the program presents us with Grandmaster level functionality and tutelege.

April 29, 2008

Blogs for Blogs Sake

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Blogging is now so mainstream, that it seems that everyone has one or more personal blog, besides industry blogs such as this on business finance, or this chess blog. But still - if we were to stop people in the shopping centre and ask if they have a blog or know what a blog is- amazingly most still don’t. Most people would have a stab at an answer but not get it right, some would be lucky. I estimate that only 1 or 2% of people have a blog, and most of those would have more than one. Another 20% would know what they are and may occasionally use the services. Another 20% would have some idea of what they are, but more than half would have no idea what they are.

August 28, 2007

Chess Computers

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chess computers
A beneficiary of the great progress of computing power, and a poster child of the capabilities, chess computers have come a long way in the last decade. Chess would always be an application of programming prowess with it’s infinite move possibility, it’s immense capacity for PCU power and the challenge that lay waiting to beat the best humans. Todays chess computers are superb software creations that easily defeat most humans. They have the downside of being a little cheap looking and cheap in use of material that belies the software quality - something to be improved greatly in future models - we hope.

June 3, 2007

RSS Feed Examples

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RSS is changing the web - see an example such as company rescue and turnaround finance feeds that link back to the pages desired. RSS sites take the feeds and provide the pointers. As an SEO in the field of UK web optimisation, I believe RSS to be the most overlooked tool in optimising end product/service pages - but a feed has to be constructed properly so as to allow links and avoid duplicate content. The RSS sites tend to be techie and can be obtuse in instructions, but once overcoming the problem - the submissions really work well.

On a related subject, we’re currently experimenting with a Google product search (GPS) feed - to see if linking to the feed for a specific company (ChessBaron) produces anything in terms of ranking for desirable terms - in this case chess sets. Getting a Google Product Search feed one-boxed is superb, but what about actually seeing the group of products from Base (aka Froogle, GPS) within the body of search results. We currently have the feed on page 6 - we’ll keep you informed.

May 23, 2007

Optimising your Google Product Feed

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XML Product Feed Optimisation
Like this chess set example, popping products into Google Base/Froogle or GPS - or whatever they decide to call it when you’re reading this - carries the difficulty of constructing an XML feed that needs to be optimised for good exposure within the results shown. To get one-boxed (shown in the search results at the top of the page for ‘Product Search Results’) is a boon for the company that can construct the feed. We only know of one company that offers the service of writing the XML feed and optimising it so that the possibility of getting one-boxed is possible.

May 12, 2007

Web 2.0 Sales Examples

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Web 2.0
Here’s an example of a list of chess computers from a retailer in the UK. The same chess list has been placed on another web 2.0 site, this chess retailer too. One of the foremost sites in the new mould is, but other examples abound - Facebook, eSnips, MySpace and many more. As Web 2.0 becomes more mainstream, what use can be made for sites wishing to maximise traffic? Despite stories of deluging traffic from web 2.0 sites, essentially it’s just another means of hosting a page or pages that really needs external references, or links, to be able to make use of the 2.0 concept.

Don’t expect a deluge that will crash your servers, unless you’re hosting a party for your teenager, but making use of the genre will yield good results as web 2.0 matures and moves into subsequent phases.

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