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March 23, 2009

OTDS Distribution Transformers and Pole Line Hardware

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OTDS - a site enhanced by Baron Turner’s website design company, are at the forefront of their industry in providing tranformers to the energy industry for the transmission of power from a power station to the end consumer via a sub-station. They have a business listing at Hotfrog here: The company is based in Croydon, Surrey and has been established since 1978.

March 20, 2009

Company Insolvency or Business Capital?

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When a company is struggling, which at this point in late 2011 is a common scenario, which route is best? Insolvency or business capital? The trouble is that no one wakes up one day deciding that they are insolvent. But as the problems go on and on, getting worse, the company may need an injection of finance for business before insolvency becomes the only solution. That’s where the turnaround finance industry comes in. But the company needs to act before the problem gets so bad that there’s really little else than winding up order to resolve.

Turnaround Finance experts such as Beer and Young assess the situation with the help of a panel of experts, including those that are ready to provide capital - generally for a share of the company, like Dragons Den. This is potentially a superb situation. An industry and business expert will join the company and they’ll bring business finance with them. You won’t owe them any money, you’ll just have another director. But be warned - the company has got into trouble for a reason. They’ll sniff out the reason and will take decisive action as part of the solution. The alternative is the company winding up - so it’s a win win. And someone else is making your fellow director make changes or walk the plank - they become the bad guy. Or he can just stop spending all his time on the golf course!

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